Cartoons without pants

Cartoons without pants A cartoon from a Dennis the Menace strip promoting No Pants Day distributed by King Features. Cartoon readers in many US newspapers will find their characters without trousers tomorrow. King Features has put the competition on hold for a day. It has

The owners of fear

The owners of fear Cartoon of 11/04/2021 in CTXT They are the ones who dispatch fear every day. One day they can be giving generous space in their media to any conspiratorial anti-vaccine denialist moron and publishing terrors at the drop of a hat, and

Media, one of the most opaque sectors

Cartoon translation: "Black on white! They shouted from the darkness of their offices". This month, the Fundación "Compromiso y Transparencia" has published the third edition of the front pagereport . The work studies transparency and good governance on editorial independence and credibility of media groups.

Infographics, humor in trouble

Infographics, humour threatened The data for this infographic is drawn from an analysis of 165 cases of cartoonists who have been in trouble of some significance between 1978 and 2020 because of their cartoons or satirical illustrations. There are also some cases of other people

What is a editorial cartoon?

What is a editorial cartoon? by Kevin Necessary The editorial cartoon, press cartoon, joke, strip, humour or graphic opinion is usually defined as an illustration or cartoon containing a commentary that usually refers to current events or personalities or national or international news. The editorial