Child poverty


Child poverty

Child poverty.

Cartoon of 24/11/2019 in CTXT

That's how I see it, as a punch. First it's a sovereign slap in the face of the weakest, those we should be protecting and caring for. Then it's another one in the faces of those who govern and aspire to be governors for filling their mouths with promises of great actions that remain in the propaganda campaign and a hashtag eating dust on Twitter.

Child poverty affects 1 in 3 children in Spain with 2.2 million minors at risk of poverty, according to the aROPE indicator.

Spain has one of the highest persistent child poverty risk rates (1 in 5 children), and is among the countries where the persistent poverty gap between children and adults is the widest, according to the High Commissioner for the fight against child poverty.

Meanwhile, some people plant flags the size of Jupiter and others spend indecent amounts of money on light bulbs or tell us that foreign invaders are coming to take our bread.

When the cold facts are given, everything seems solvable. It never seems so bad. There always has to be a poor person for the rich to exist.

Behind those poverty-stricken children are their parents dealing with new problems, being the working poor. Naturalised hereditary poverty. Shame on us, but of the permanent kind.

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