The world of Escrivá

The world of Escrivá

José Luis Escrivá, Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration of the Spanish Government since 2020, says that Spain lacks a “cultural change” to work more between the ages of 55 and 75. In an interview with the newspaper ARA, he argues that retiring at 60 or whatever is “a European anomaly”:

“At this age, for demographic and quality of life reasons, it is possible to work more. And Spain is a European anomaly: not only are we not following this trend, but we are reducing the proportion of over-55s in employment”.

Not a word about dunghill what we are talking about here is constructing a poisoned discourse based on capricious interpretations of European macroeconomic data while sweeping all our shit under the carpet. And since we are living longer, we should work more. But not a little more, until death

Once again, the central argument, typical of savage capitalism, is that of unlimited growth and if something has to go bust along the way, let it be you.

No matter what profession you work in, Escrivá paints all people over 70 as those who appear in advertisements for private pensions or luxury resorts; jovial, carefree and smiling and looking forty years younger.

What Escrivá calls “cultural change” is another insult to the worker, between the lines he is suggesting that we are lazy by tradition and has a lot to do with that crap that some people call “culture of effort” when in reality they mean “permanent torture”.

Then some of those well-off suckers, who have used their public influence to amass a fat fortune, have appeared to try to make us believe that this is something to do with the worker’s freedom to extend his working life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The world in which Minister Escrivá and all these neo-liberals disguised as supposedly progressive reformists live has nothing to do with that of the ordinary worker and it is embarrassing to have to say this, because it is so obvious

The ones who will make it clear to them will be the members of the Pensioners’ Movement who have already announced demonstrations in October and November to protest against the pension reform, which they describe as “miserable”.

The movement considers that the reform “perpetuates miserable minimum pensions, changes the name of the Sustainability Factor while maintaining its essence of precariousness, and leaves the door open to the privatisation of the Public Pension System (SPP) and to further cuts”.

People like Escrivá are just another of the many enemies of the people who end up sitting in positions of power using a false promise of welfare, one of many of those who drew Quino.

El mundo de Escrivá

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