The cold is coming

The cold is coming

The cold is coming. Cartoon of 16/10/2021 in CTXT

The light goes up even when they tell us that it goes down a little because the next day it goes up again in an escalation that is already a daily joke. The cold is coming and you will see what a laugh it is.

The price continues to reach record highs, always historic, of course. Thus, the saturday 16th reached 226.93 euros/MWh. The most expensive Saturday, five times higher than the same day a year ago, 424% more.

What yes, what no

At the beginning of September, Pedro Sánchez already fixed the electricity issue. Or something like that. He made an electoral promise assuring that at the end of the year we will be able to count the goats that come in by the goats that go out and that we will have paid the same for electricity as in 2018.

Nuevo etiquetado energético de lámparas y bombillas

On 6 September, the Minister for Ecological Transition announced, what a novelty, that the price of electricity would continue to rise.

But, oh, surprise, another announcement arrives. The Congress validates the Government's plan to reduce the price of electricity by 22% and to cut benefits to the electricity companies. It is supposed to be a temporary roll as it will be in force until 31 March and, as always, we will have to wait and see what really comes out of it as the bill goes up and so on.

Y on the same dayAccording to El Mundo, Pedro Sánchez was already saying that he would "soften the axe on the electricity companies but admitting that he would not keep his promise" on the electricity bill for 2018.

The problem of the price of electricity is very difficult to solve, so much so that you have to want to.

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