Bank tax

Bank tax
Yes, there is a mini-city called Ciudad BBVA. It is in Madrid and extends over 114,000 m². It cost 640 million euros to build.

Tax on banks. Cartoon of 17/07/2022 in CTXT

The government is preparing a tax on energy companies and another "temporary and extraordinary" tax on banks, with these two taxes it aims to raise 7 billion euros in two years.

As soon as they heard about the tax for a small amount for the big banks, thousands of poor people expressed their sadness and discontent on their Twitter account, rejecting the idea that companies with a turnover of more than 1,000 million euros should pay a little more for a while.

The neo-liberal media also rushed to tell us the sad story of the poor bankers and energy profiteers fallen in disgrace. Expansión headlinedendesa, Iberdrola, Naturgy, Cepsa and Repsol, the most affected by the new extraordinary tax on energy companies".

The victims of which Expansión speaks of are those that have been for years stealing with two hands and pissing in the face of the victims.

In elEconomista, on 13/07/2022 they opened by saying that with the new tax they were being "stripped" of 8% of their profits and called it "tax populism". Six days later they told us that"banks will improve their ordinary profits by 21% in the first half of the year"

Bank tax

On 17/07, the Vocento group gave a voice to one of these poor victims by giving the front page of El Correo to the chairman of BBVA, Carlos Torres

Carlos is a hard-working man who cannot make ends meet and who will soon see his already depleted savings reduced, forcing him to take to the streets to beg.

Bank tax
Another example of when the bankers write the news

In the interview, published in all their titles, Carlos Torres tells the economic joke par excellence, the one about all rowing together in the same direction.

Bank tax
Bank tax
Cartoon from 2011

Every time these wretches talk about rowing in the same direction, they should get an oar in the back of the head. June marked the tenth anniversary of the bailout of these scavenging parasites, for which they were sprayed with 101.5 billion euros paid penny by penny by taxpayers. A decade later, while their profits have continued to grow wildly, it is estimated that will only recover around 9.5 billion

92.9.5 billion"lost" in the pockets of nobody knows who, and there is nobody in jail for this little oversight.

In 2012, Luis de Guindos assured to the point of boredom that the bank bailout was not going to cost "not one euro". From that day on, the PP continued to lie. The Bank of Spain, according to headlines at the timewent away singing softly.

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