Dictionary of the psychopath

Dictionary of the psychopath

Dictionary of the psychopath. Cartoon of 29/10/2023 in CTXT

Conflict = occupation

Civilian population = terrorists and anti-Semites

Military operation = war crimes

Land incursion = invasion

Right to defence = genocide

It is over. Israel has already launched a "second phase" which it has said will be "long and difficult" and orders the Palestinians to go to who knows where without stopping bombing them.

The army entered Gaza to continue the massacre on the ground, but not before carrying out the heaviest bombardment of the area since 7 October, unceremoniously killing thousands of civilians and leaving the strip cut off from communication, without telephone or internet.

It is said that Israel has already killed at least 10,000 people, a figure that is difficult to calculate, and which quickly expires because it is steadily increasing while half the world continues to argue with psychopaths who encourage, justify and applaud genocide while dehumanising several million people.

The UN Human Rights office denounces war crimes in Gaza and demands that Israel "put an end" to "collective punishment", but of course, for the time being it is just that. Just like when in 2014 it called for"restraint".

Some 29 reporters have been killed in the last three weeks and many others have been prevented from doing their job by the general chaos and devastation, because if there is one thing the Israeli state machinery is expert at, it is shutting the press out so it can do its thing and "operate" without witnesses.

At least a score of Palestinian journalists have been killed under Israeli army bombardment and some 50 media outlets are read to have been destroyed or damaged.


Trying war crimes

No time for certainties

Dictionary of the psychopath

Info: Don't let them kill journalism

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