Facebook, the algorithm as an excuse


Facebook, the algorithm as an excuse

Ridiculous combination of Facebook messages

It has happened to the cartoonist Ward Sutton with his comic page of the 22 June one more of the ones he publishes regularly on The Boston Globe but it happens frequently with all kinds of content posted daily on Facebook.

Ward received a notice from Facebook in these terms:

“Your post is against our community standards on violence and incitement. No one can see your post. We have these standards in place to prevent and disrupt offline harm”.

What’s most laughable about this warning that Ward’s comic had been made “invisible” on Facebook is the nonsense of suggesting that he promote it as an ad while dropping the dough.

The cartoonist told it like this, of course, on Facebook and on his account on Twitter:

“Facebook simultaneously CENSORED my recent cartoon and TRIED TO GET ME TO PAY TO PROMOTE IT. I’m just the latest cartoonist to have their work censored by Facebook technology and/or clueless workers who can’t understand the context of the content of the cartoon.”.

I formally “disagreed” with their decision to censor my cartoon but they go on to tell me they don’t have enough workers to evaluate my case or even respond.”

I don’t know what’s come of this, I guess they’ll most likely go back to saying the algorithm was drunk or those things they spout off when they have they don’t have another exit.

What is clear is that, by capping content, they have been consolidating the normalisation of internal censorship in Suckerberg’s kingdom, on the grounds that as a private company they are sovereign in walling off opinions because potatoes, even judging and condemning their issuers of being instigators of non-existent or imaginary crimes.

In early June, Roger Waters tidied up Mark’s body by calling him “one of the most powerful idiots in the world”. But he didn’t stop there, he told him to go fuck himself and called him a little prick several times after he sent him an offer for some serious dough to use “Another Brick in the Wall II“in a campaign to promote Instagram.

Although trying to stop someone from reading a comic on the internet today is like trying to empty the sea with a teaspoon, I leave the Ward Sutton page here as a symbolic act and declaration of intent against the little pricks aspiring to be sole administrators of thought.

Facebook, the algorithm as an excuse

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