Fake News

Fake News

Fake News

Cartoon of 09/05/2018 in CTXT

This crazy map accompanies a text entitled“España se refuerza frente a la desinformación” signed by David Alandete, who can no longer find a way to twist the story of the Russian bots and the plot of the Kremlin’ s interference , which he has not been able to prove, in order to continue making fools of himself.

The legend of the bunting is hilarious. The awakening of the infotonterie.

Fake News

The traditional media are losing their own war for control of propaganda and instead of trying to get closer to the truth, or something resembling it, they are trying to make us believe that the great danger to democracy is the eternal fake news.

With public television turned into a farm where the most lustrous manipulation is fed and distributed, and with a good part of its workers wearing black for the third week, the usual construction of an external enemy comes in handy.

A foreign threat sells better than a bunch of mediocre local monsters serving spurious interests that spin the so-called news machine.

That, and how cool the imported “Fake News” neo-bullshit looks on the billboards of the journalistic shindigs where everyone claims that their truth is the good one. In the meantime, the government is getting its hands on the creation of the ministry of approved news.

Lots of documentaries about cartoonists:

Fake News

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