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More journalism
More journalism. Cartoon of 16/07/2022 in CTXT

Seven days have gone by since the first recordings of Ferreras and his buddy Villarejo.

Against all odds, the move is having a little more life than usual

The rest of the predictions have been fulfilled, not a single rat has jumped ship and Ferreras has denied the major. The expected; closed defences, forced silences and attempts at lukewarm criticism from some of those close to him

Of particular note was Jordi Évole, who tried to write something that sounded like a criticism and, for whatever reason, came out as a praise. It must be due to lack of habit and the payroll. Understandable for practical purposes, although it will remain in his logbook.

“La Sexta has reached where it has reached thanks to professionals like Ferreras” Jordi sentences. In that he is right, to get a podium among the most liars, you have to work hard because the places are very disputed

The APM is no surprise either, and in its churretoso communiqué, which seems to be one of its own branded content of its own, calls “controversythe APM is also unsurprising and in its tawdry communiqué, which seems to be one of its own, calls “knowingly lying while using all the known mafia arts to fabricate lies.

More journalism

Maybe the story is lasting a bit longer because the staff is taking it easy enough to give their opinion and so, the drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip.

In the course of time, the traditional “wash and put away” texts have appeared under statements of the type “not all journalists are like that“This is something we already know and which is not, nor has it ever been, the subject at hand. The few that “yes, they are“still have the loudest speakers. Now amplified by the internet.

Nor can we overlook the fact that many people have made the wrong choice of where to get their information and continue to believe that this is the way it is and that this is the way it should be.

It is enough to remember the bullshit that more than one of them has given on Tuiter every fucking weekend with what they call talk shows on La Sexta. Shouting, interruptions, demagogy, sugar-coated phrases, immovable trench positions amidst brawls and disqualifications. The agora modern is a dunghill.

More journalism

If Ferreras has any “apology”, it is that he is not entirely to blame

The footballisation of politics and the vulgarisation of information turned into loud entertainment, something that suits Ferreras like a glove, helps a lot. He can broadcast any supposed news, however lurid, false or complex it may be, with that furgolero tone of the play on the edge of the box that so excites the predisposed receiver accustomed to the basureo.

Beyond any digression into the details of the recordings, which have many moments to highlight, there is that crust of orgies between journalists, politicians, judges and police, all with their little bit of distracted and tolerated corruption, so Spanish.

The star journalist, usually a mediocre with pretensions who believes he is the executing hand of the fourth estate thanks to his audience figures and who can be used as a weapon to raise or overthrow people or governments, is still a puppet of the other three main legs of the stool. The useful smart guy.

Corrupt journalists are like those executioners who only did what they called “their job” with the utmost professionalism. The last, innocent and necessary link in the chain of killing.

I’m wrapping this up now because I could go on hitting the keyboard for another seven days straight with things that are wrong with what happened and the reactions, but I know that you prefer to have the big issues chewed up and compressed in less than a minute because time is money. And on TV, even more so.


More journalism

The two Antonios and toxic journalism

More journalism

You couldn’t know

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