Genocide, Act II


Genocide, second act. Cartoon of 11/02/2024 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "If we warn them it is not genocide"

The murderous state of Israel announced and dated the second act of the ongoing genocide.

After five months of unceremonious extermination and forcing the civilian population into an exodus from the north to the south while bombing them, it has ended up rounding up approximately 1.5 million people in Rafah, near the Egyptian border.

Israel says it will launch its operation in Rafah if the hostages are not released before Ramadan, which begins on 10 March, but no one doubts any longer that even if an agreement is reached, Israel will continue to murder civilians because that is what they have been doing for decades. Ethnic cleansing, looting and occupation before the eyes of the vast majority of governments around the world who dare not intervene forcefully to stop the massacre.

It is a live historical disgrace. We are witnessing a genocide with too many accomplices told in minute detail, each one more lurid than the next.

No one with the power to try to stop it is doing anything. And what is worse, the genocidaires, knowing they are unpunished, boast about their crimes, celebrate the looting, show off the "trophies" on the networks and talk shamelessly about the extermination that will allow them to occupy Gaza.

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