Happy 2024

Happy 2024

Happy 2024. Cartoon of 31/12/2023 in CTXT

I'll give you an exclusive preview, 2024 has arrived. It came in like a bolt from the blue. It happened exactly at 00:00 on Monday, according to clock sources.

As soon as this strange event took place, the year 2023 declared that it will not return and many replied that there is no need for it.

For me, the year that became extinct will be marked as the beginning of one of the many barbarities that man is capable of committing, that of exterminating his fellow men with the most filthy excuses.

Today marks 87 days, with a seven-day pause, of genocide in Gaza with no sign of a definitive ceasefire.

2024 does not bode well. If we add what experts call the "tension in the region", the war in Ukraine, active since February 2022, and the rest of those other so-called "forgotten wars", it cannot be said that the earth is a planet with a solid peace project.

In the section on capricious natural disasters that do not understand calendars, on Monday 1 January, a 7.6 Richter earthquake struck Ishikawa prefecture in Japan, forcing the evacuation of some 100,000 people and leaving at least four dead in the town of Shika.

I am writing this text in one of those hours when it seems that absolutely nothing is happening (something very healthy and necessary) to thank you for your visit, whether habitual, sporadic or casual, and to ask you to have a good year and to know how to find traces of happiness in it.

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