Heat wave

Heat wave

When this time comes, my body asks me not to read any more drivel and to air my chest because it’s all remasterings of last year’s, last year’s and the other year’s tontolares.

Every summer there’s a heat wave, a fiery version of the explosive and murderous winter’s cliclogenesis, that will fry the neurons that we already had fried thanks to the napalm bombardment of the present.

Heat wave

And we will go back to reading, watching and listening to the same obvious things, between catastrophes, fires and some nonsense that happens on some beach somewhere, although some will use their staff to keep on banging on about their paranoia.

Like ABC, which recycles the usual courtly front page of every summer, and of the rest of the seasons. The sUMMER SNAKES are not what they used to be.

Heat wave

5 August 2018 (left), 17 July 2015 (right)

The enemies of Ejpanya have been overthrowing Felipito number six and overthrowing the system for three years now. Anyone reading this out there will think that we are in the middle of an open and brutal war, of the blood-and-fire kind.

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