As some of you already know, my "external" routine is two vignettes a week which are published on CTXT saturday and Sunday. During the week I write down the topics in bulk which I then order by supposed "importance" and do the occasional sketch.

First of all, a lot of calm

This exercise has to be done calmly and calmly because at the rate at which the news is generated that that we are led to believe is the news, the risk of contracting the infoxication chronic.

As no topics are imposed on me or suggested to be covered, which is appreciated, deciding which topic to stick with is, at least for me, one of the most difficult exercises because I have to choose between covering that one topic that everyone is talking about, or all the media, a buried one or any other on a whim, even if it is timeless.

On the plus side, one of CTXT's maxims is that we are"proud to be late to the latest news". This takes all the pressure off. As I have repeated a thousand times, having to draft a vignette every day of the year is a torture that wears you down and if you have to do it in a hurry, the martyrdom is triple.

In short, every week those discarded notes pile up and on Sunday they are filed in the bag of possible resources to take up ideas again or to die with time.

Some weeks are convulsive and others more dry , and the last one has been one of the hectic ones. Here is the latest compressed list with some of those topics in no chronological order or order of importance.

Tax delinquent touring Spain

Perhaps the star topic has been that Juanca has returned to Spain, where he will be spending a few days to do things with his ships, to fool around, to make a bald spot for his fences and public opinion while a small group of supposedly right-wing courtly informers, dedicated body and soul to sucking his effinters to the hilt, heap praise on him.

The problem is not this particular mangante, the yayo is merely following the Bourbon tradition. Appropriating other people's goods and property is in their blood and has always been allowed. The crux of the matter lies in what he represents today the monarchy and his rotten roots.


Bitcoin took a hit and the internet registered a high traffic of crypto-lovers who flooded everything with their tears. This cataclysm of crybabies culminated in the one of the best jokes of the week. An association called AAIC (sounds like a cry of pain), the first Association of People Affected by Investment in Cryptocurrencies, called for a body to regulate them.


Another issue that got stretched was the unfunny Eurochurrovision. That this verbena is considered a geopolitics event is the best indicator of what a piece of junk politics in general has become.

The tedious ruckus went on well into the week, the tedious rumpus turning to the question of whether or not it was OK for the perfume-named performer or singer to show off.

Fictional dramas

Hulka also had her moment to stir up the twitter henhouse or burn. The new female mass movie unleashed one or more supposed controversies that I have not managed to decipher to this day. The comic book drama counter can't go to zero for a single day.

Sociopaths in the bank

The Bank of Spain has been on a rampage for some years now , when it is not a reportit's a communiqué or one of these "occasional documents". And all bad if you are poor, but even worse if you are poor and you are trying to stop being poor. This week, the reactionaries of the BdE decided to say that we have to impoverish the poor because they have a lot of money the pensioners because they have a lot of money.

Payton Gendron

In Buffalo, an 18-year-old turkey named Payton Gendron, a self-declared white supremacist, racist and anti-Semite who quotes the replacement theory, walked into a supermarket with a gun he had bought illegally and carried out the traditional American ritual of shooting people, killing 10 people and injuring three others. The macabre joke here was that the shitty assassin, with his fat white balls, pleaded not guilty.


Monkeypox was high on the news menu, you know, the one that started with a few cases and is now quite a few more. As the main focus of the spread was in a now-closed madrid sauna called Paradise, now closed down, there was no shortage of those who associated the sexual thing between guys with the smallpox in question, when it is not an exclusively sexually transmitted disease, it is transmitted by mucosal contact and by exposure to droplets, whether through saliva, respiratory excretions, exudate from lesions or crusted material.

Already, some 92 people are reported to be positive for the virus in twelve countries.

"Surprise" in Afghanistan

At Afghanistanin the United States, the Taliban are playing the Taliban, which comes as a surprise to some naïve people. The new order is that all female presenters cover their faces to appear on TV. According to the Ministry of Information and Culture this requirement is "final and non-negotiable".

Melon Muskachapas

Another recurrent turras, Melon Muskachapas now says that he will not buy Twitter until he is told how many fake and/or spam accounts this social network really has. Melon, who looks like a fool but is not, will ask Twitter right now how much they will pay him to keep the company.

Raise the rule

Another controversy that is climbing up the list. The opinion craze has arrived with the painful and/or incapacitating sick leave rule. Brace yourselves for the coming curves, because this is a topic that will be around for a long time to come. The national congress of cuñadology met on the internet and on the tables of the tertulianadas to ramble on about what could result in a few months' time from this measure included in the reform of the abortion law.

The family

A classic the PP's new headline-grabber was another of those that we are already so used to that it expires faster and faster every day; the PP exercising the style of an organisation criminal. The new chapter is entitled, the audios of Aguirre, Cospedal and Villarejo.

Shake-up in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there is a big move, they have run out of petrol and are beginning to suffer shortages of food and medicine. We have seen images of very angry people overturning cars and beating up politicians. The prime minister had to resign and the new minister has already warned that the toughest months are ahead.

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