Inspection of the Big Four

Inspection of the Big Four

Translation: Run! Today they are creating jobs

Big Four. Cartoon of 21/01/2022 in CTXT.

Well, a labour inspection of the so-called Big Four, which the media have called "raid" and "macrodedada" (confirming, I suppose, that criminals were visited), against labour exploitation and to control the endless working hours of those who work there and to pursue unpaid overtime. In Spain, 49% of overtime is unpaid.

Apparently, the inspection has visited the companies Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC, the big four in the auditing and consultancy sector.

Nothing new under the sun, the anomaly is that there were no inspections.

This has shocked those who call themselves liberals, including a few lackey economists.

There you have Daniel making a brainy churramerinistic analysis of the labour situation and Ramón, the one who grates, assuring us that collecting a salary and demanding compliance with labour laws is not compatible. It can't be. For whatever reason. If you look for this article, which I won't link, you will find another string of similar nonsense.

And like these, there are many other coinciding opinions of morons who believe that companies can decide at their free will how to shit on the statute of workers and any other rule or law and that they are entitled to do so as long as the employee accepts any trampling of their rights because they are paid two extra quid.

There is also talk that these employees, who are being inculcated with the shark mentality, receive exclusive and quality "training". And of course, that's not free, at the very least they will have to work their hearts and souls out in the office in return. In short, the whole repertoire of the unscrupulous ultra-capitalist sociopath to embellish the promise of the meteoric rise to the skies of success and abundance.

The inspectors could already be walking around in other trades, some say, even targeting ministry workers. That's the wardrobe of the enraged neoliberals, as if their exploitation is less worse because potatoes. And although there will never be enough inspections because it is not about three or four exploiters in isolation, something else is already being inspected. The Labour Inspectorate investigations regularised 40,000 false self-employed in the delivery sector in 2022, according to the Ministry it is the highest figure in history.

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