Involution. Cartoon of 25/06/2022 in CTXT

Six justices of the nine-justice U.S. Supreme Court voted to overturn the right to abortion, overturning the precedent that allowed for it, the 1973 "Roe v. Wade" 1973, which made voluntary termination of pregnancy constitutional.

Now, it will be up to each state to decide whether to protect this right or ban it, nine states they have already done so and at least thirteen others may soon do so. It remains to be seen how women who have abortions will now be prosecuted and punished. What a joke At Alabama anyone who helps cause an abortion can get 99 years in prison.

The outlook looks bleak because in the extension of responsibilities and of the assumptions that will be invented, different situations may arise with many alleged "guilty parties", in addition to the woman who decides to terminate her pregnancy.

This move by the court, in addition to outlawing abortion de facto, clears the way for an even more terrifying scenario. If Texas already "reward" anyone who reports an abortion, every other macabre sanction more typical of dystopian scenarios than you can imagine can begin to be applied.

In addition to the historical backwardness in terms of reproductive health rights that it represents and that some believe could spread throughout Europe, it condemns women to return to the dangerous and sordid circuits of clandestinity, but above all it is a trampling of women's right to decide about their own bodies.

At the bottom of all this is the same as always, the desire to encalomar the religious beliefs camouflaged as laws in all spheres of society.

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