Israel against hospitals


Israel against hospitals. Cartoon of 12/11/2023 in CTXT

Actually, this post could be entitled Israel against everything because its army makes no distinction when it comes to murder. It bombs a press building, executes individual journalists, razes to the ground a school, a mosque, a church or a hospital with all the medical staff and patients inside.

When it bombed the first hospitals and ambulances, the State of Israel did what it has been doing for decades, impregnating everything with lies and miserable propaganda in order to deny it and then justify it by pointing to all those killed as terrorists without any proof other than their word and without any verification from any international body. Confessed murderers in the midst of ethnic cleansing roaming unpunished.

The figures hurt.

Now it is too late, because Netanyahu has declared another parallel "war" on medical facilities, again under the impassivity of the international community that continues to try to make us believe that all this is legitimate self-defence and they are releasing soft communiqués in the wind to keep the posturing alive while the Israeli army announces loudly that it is going to raze hospitals, but cynically selling it as if it were a surgical, humanitarian and civilised military operation.

Whereas in the past, settlers occupied homes unceremoniously and demolished others with bulldozers, now the occupiers practice complete and instantaneous demolition of buildings. In a large part of the cases, with the inhabitants inside. They are wiping the population off the map.

To give you an idea of the psychopathy of these genocidaires, Isaac Herzog, president of the Zionist state of Israel, had the balls to show a new copy of Adolf Hitler's "Mein Kampf" translated into Arabic, claiming that it had been found in a child's room in a house in the Gaza Strip, where, according to the Israeli propaganda manual, a Hamas base was hidden.

And the worst thing about all this is that a good part of the international media swallowed and gave credibility to this bullshit without a whimper or any verification whatsoever.

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