Adding a label to a corner of a box with GenerateBlocks

Adding a label to a corner of a box with GenerateBlocks
Example of a corner label box made with GenerateBlocks

That's all there is to it. A simple, easy and quick alternative to CSS fiddling to add a label anywhere in a box made with two GenerateBlocks "Container" blocks.

Remember that you will also have to adjust the parameters for mobile and tablet.

Instead of a "Container" block with just text you can add a button block with an icon and a link and decorate the label and everything else as much as you want

Very useful to create a reusable block for fixed ads, CTA banners or product sheets or any other content.

GenerateBlocks is the perfect complement to GeneratePress. This blog is powered by this powerful combination More info.

It's not a builder per se (at the moment), it's a collection of six very light basic blocks with which you can assemble almost anything. Although it is created to work with GeneratePress, it can be used with any template. You have a free version and a paid version that adds interesting options.

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