The labour market is a dunghill

The labour market is a dunghill

Cartoon of 16/06/2019 in CTXT

The labour market is a dump.

It’s not new, but the new approaches, which are nothing more than the same old exploitation, coated with a layer of post-modern and old-fashioned false entrepreneurship, have made it even dirtier. Yes, it can always be worse.

The other day I was surfing through my scrolls when I came across an advertorial that looked like a news item with this headline hanging from a section called“Fashion“.

The labour market is a dunghill

The text, purely advertising and complacent and you can save yourselves the trouble of reading it, was full of phrases to fill in the commercial tone. Another one of those marketing articles they now call Branded Content to avoid the label of “advertising”.

The media that sell this rubbish as a modern-day sucker are complicit in the dump that the labour market has become.

Although there was no need to be sure, because it was obvious, it was enough to look for similar articles in other media to see that this is what it is, pure and simple advertising without questioning anything.

The labour market is a dunghill

Another kindly tontolar. The idea that already existed and still exists; laundresses and laundries.

Most of these articles even use images from the company’s promotional video with the premonitory and crappy image of a person who had mutated into a walking cardboard washing machine.

The labour market is a dunghill

Business as usual. It follows the inertia of the rubbish of the false collaborative economy or “gig economy” based on the App of a company that doesn’t hire anyone.

The worker has to provide all the working tools and bear all the associated costs in order to work.

The labour market is a dunghill

All you need is your washing machine, your place to dry your clothes and your iron. You also need your phone with an internet connection and to pay for the electricity for your machines and your washing and ironing facilities

If you’re a bit of a fuddy-duddy in these matters, you should also seek advice for when you have to declare what you have billed.

You just need EVERYTHING and you find it and pay for it yourself, asshole. That’s what the company tells you in a nutshell.

But even more, if you decide to offer the extra service of home collection and delivery to get more customers, you will also have to use your own vehicle, because I bet one of my three testicles that the App people won’t even lend you a pair of sandals.

The labour market is a dunghill

You’ve already had it

For those in the App, the“colader” (another gilipollinglish following in the wake of the word “rider”) have CUSTOMERS and the company doesn’t care if you are self-employed or not. In short, you have to make a living with your tax obligations and with this nonsense of declaring what you invoice. They even avoid saying that they are looking for false self-employed, which is exactly what they need.

The labour market is a dunghill

These “coladers”, self-employed workers par excellence, are also clients of the company’s App, because they work to generate the commissions that the company collects. There is no need to think about it, because that’s all there is to it. Workers pay for absolutely everything.

Free market

Of course, the company dissociates itself from any obligation or labour relationship with the “coladers”, but it establishes some rules that you have to follow, all of them. Your only freedom is to accept or not. Nobody forces you to have these shitty conditions, because they say they offer you a“free market“. If you pass, someone else will do it. Blessed and profitable bubble of misery.

You can take a look at the rest of frequently asked questions on the web of the “launderers” to convince yourself that you are doing the perfect definition of what is a bogus self-employed. Of course, with the usual conditions and gimmicks tailored to their needs to keep them dancing to the company’s tune.

The labour market is a dunghill

You won’t see any of these worker-squeezing entrepreneurs on an App proudly announcing the good salaries and stable jobs they want to create, or talking about labour rights or any of that shit. It’s all about them posing in their neighbourhood Steve Jobs style photos and sticking on their sticky notes about technology, innovation and all sorts of bullshit.

It is nothing more than a model based on absolute parasitism, disregard for labour rights and the elimination of all “expenses” associated with workers.

These penny-pinching neo-exploiters should be reminded, if possible in court, that“the Supreme Court has made it clear that it is irrelevant that the worker has certain freedoms in the performance of his work; what matters when establishing an employment relationship is to whom the digital tool belongsSource

Things are really bad because of young people

Rarely a day goes by without a shitty headline about “young people no longer want to work in this or that job”, either because the hotel and catering companies can’t find waiters to pay the minimum wage for unlimited working hours or because the wayward kids “don’t want to sweat” on the building site or get wet in the sea for four cents.

El mercado laboral es un estercolero
The labour market is a dunghill
The labour market is a dunghill

Thus, the solution to this dump is to look for even more tender and cheaper meat to put in the mincer and continue enriching the same old meanies.

The labour market is a dunghill

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