The lighthouse of Spain

The lighthouse of Spain

The lighthouse of Spain. Cartoon of 09/01/2022 in CTXT.

This phrase from Alfonso Mañueco, president of Castilla y León and PP candidate in the upcoming regional elections on 13 February ended up on the front page of Sunday’s El Mundo.

The lighthouse of Spain

I can think of no better image and description than this to illustrate the practice of elevating the declarative/opinionated to the category of supposed news, acting as propagandist spokespersons for the party that governs its editorial line.

Mañueco’s wish, resembling a statement or sentence, is funny when referring to the government that presided over the Azores trio, the ones liars and murderers that caused disastrous repercussions.

Mañueco describes that party as a “beacon of Spain” of the sewers that in 2018 had 12 of its 14 ministers under indictment, implicated or had received bonuses, and that the same year was firmly condemned for profiting from the plot Gürtel acting as a real “criminal organisation“.

The PP benefited from the corruption, but Mariano Rajoy had a cynical interpretation of reality and described the sentence as a “moral reparation“. The rest you already know, his successor insisted on no more talk about it as if it had never happened.

He also announced that they would abandon their headquartersthe epicentre of their corrupt practices, in a last ditch attempt to bury their shit.

This week it has become knownaccording to a UCO report, , Eduardo Zaplana laundered 4.5 million euros from bribes and with the money he bought several houses, a watch and even a boat. But we were already on to other things, which a large part of the media and right-wing intoxicators insisted on playing at a higher volume in order to attenuate any other issue.

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