Luxury vehicle

Luxury vehicle

Translation of the cartoon:
"Luxury vehicle with all the extras".

Luxury vehicle. Cartoon of 18/04/2022 in CTXT

Reduflation is the neocoolmodern name given to the act of swindling the consumer, which many companies practice, consisting of giving less quantity of product for the same price or even raising it. The cool thing is that this is legal.

Companies supposedly do this so that consumers believe they are still buying the same thing at more or less the same price, but we all know that they are not an NGO and that their only mission is to make money, always a lot of money and always more, of course.

With the shopping basket unbridledoCU has identified 20 brands practising this crap since 2021, among them Cola-Cao, Pescanova, Activia Yogurts by Danone, Pastas Gallo (spaghetti and macaroni), Doritos and Tulipán.

You have to be very miserable to practice this deception in any circumstances, but even more so knowing that between 2020 and 2021, aggravated by the pandemic, 13.3% of Spanish households will have to pay for the food they eat they had no access will be deprived of adequate food.

Virtues and greatness of neoliberal thought and its marvellous interpretation of capitalism, which gives any mortal, whatever his social condition, millions of opportunities to swim in abundance but, for whatever reason, brings poverty by the tube.

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