Market. Cartoon of 28/02/2021 in CTXT

Ábalos is the one that all the parties have, and you never know exactly whether he belongs to this party or the other, because he would fit in with any of them.

The young José Luis was a member of the Communist Youth before he came of age and joined the PCE at the end of the 1970s. It didn’t last long, he joined the PSOE. There he is today defending that housing is a market good with his chronically angry rictus and his sour tone.


Ábalos’ “but” is the common symptom of the perennially leveraged politician. Of the conscious disconnection from all reality. Another pro at devoting himself to being an “apparatus”.

And it’s not that they’re talking about expropriation to the vultures or ending speculation with the housing by law.

The proposal for a limiting the price of rent so that those who have less can live a little less badly has set off the alarm bells in the extremoultraneoliberal cells of Ábalos’ brain, warning him that those who have more could lose a little. You know that for these sociopaths, losing means not receiving what they had set themselves. In other words, a pile of ever-increasing amounts of money that they pocket, condemning people to swallow whatever it takes to be able to pay for the roof over their heads.

Reformers of their own

In the end it is not surprising, everything related to the brick and its different professional outlets linked to the wild speculation racket is another of the comfortable retirement options of ultra-capitalists disguised as supposed progressives who call themselves reformists.

Infografía: El precio de la vivienda en alquiler sube más del 50% en España desde 2015 | Statista

Infographics from Statista

And the latest unemployment figures are already there, beautiful, 4 ,008,789 unemployed. The number of unemployed has not exceeded 4 million since April 2016.

Couple that with the crappy wages that have been deteriorating for decades and you have the perfect shit storm. The happiness of the worshippers of that rubbish they call “market”.

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