Modern porter

Modern porter

Modern porter. Cartoon of 12/07/2017 in CTXT

Sucker middlemen, nothing to do with the collaborative economy.

They are not porters, they are deliverymen and false self-employed, but the "neocuqui" company calls them "riders". The delivery drivers provide their vehicle, their mobile phone, the connection and take care of all expenses, wear and tear and unforeseen events that may be caused by the rush of pedalling.

In Deliveroo's dictionary, the trainers are "trainers", because they are an international company and "neocuki". And here are some of the new terms coined by the company to make it seem as if the workers are alien and external.

For the company, talking about wages or work is wrong and "illegal". And it talks about "forbidden" words that can get them into legal trouble.

Forbidden words, neo-language for exploitation

Porteador moderno
Modern porter

This table can be found together with copies of contracts, communications and other documents of interest, in a dossier from IAC (Intersindical Alternativa de Cataluña). Seen in

Modern porter Download dossier (47 Mb)"#DeliverooExploit, neither hired nor self-employed. False self-employed, the new form of slavery"

Self-employed workers should have their rates and conditions, from the moment that the company imposes a timetable, availability and the whole repertoire of obligations and rules, they become employees. In this case cheaper and without rights, but with all the obligations.

Everything started to go even more awry when they changed the conditions and eliminated the minimum payment they received for availability and started charging only for delivered orders.

And so, with this and other tricks to squeeze employees by keeping them between exploitation and precariousness is how the company amasses its good millions in profits.

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Deliveroo workers were on strike and promise more actions although, for the moment, nothing is happening here, only some rumour based on unnamed sources that assures that the Government is studying to adapt the Law to tackle the labour abuses of the companies of "the collaborative economy".

Porteador moderno

Photo @ridersxrights

Even the UK Government has taken Uber and Deliveroo to task for treating their workers better.

Modern porter

15 July 2017. Labour opens investigation into Deliveroo for possible labour fraud


Modern porter

Here's how a Deliveroo 'rider' works: 'We are not insured under any conditions'

Modern porter

Protests against Deliveroo and its precarious delivery spread across Europe

Modern porter

Working in Europe

You can read on, a lot has been written about this cute form of quackery.

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