Inflation. Cartoon of 03/04/2022 in CTXT In March prices rose by 9.8%, the biggest increase since 1985. This storm in the CPI, largely caused by the so-called “energy crisis”, has pushed up the prices of almost everything, which had already been rising for months. In … Read more

The grandparents’ revolution

The grandparents' revolution

The revolution of the grandparents. Cartoon of 13/02/2022 in CTXT I am 78 years old and I feel alienated by banks. Human attention in bank branches. This is how Carlos San Juan De Laorden, a retired urologist and surgeon, titled a collection of signatures to … Read more

Ponzi’s legacy, the pyramid scheme fraud

Ponzi's legacy, the pyramid scheme fraud

Ponzi’s legacy, the pyramid scheme fraud Ponzi and origins The name of the scam is the surname of an Italian, although he was not the first to practice it. There are other precedents in time and “illustrious” successors such as Bernard Madoff. Carlo Ponzi went … Read more