The most expensive Sunday in history

The most expensive Sunday in history

The most expensive Sunday in history. Cartoon of 26/09/2021 in CTXT

Let the price of electricity go up is no longer news. The daily robbery has been somatised and the media have to "sell" it as an increasingly historical fact

Thus, friday 24th it went up to 172 euros, the third highest price in history.

Sunday 26th was the most expensive Sunday in history.

Monday 27th the price of electricity rose by almost 9%, reaching its third highest price in history, and the price of electricity was the highest in history tuesday 28ththe price of electricity was the second most expensive in history

Meanwhile, some are still beating their chests from the government as if they were still in the opposition and the others are in no hurry to stop the escalation of the price of kWh because their militancy supports everything.

The party in the so-called real opposition, which also did nothing about it when it was cutting the codfish and the rest of the satellites, now have a vein with this issue to call people to take to the streets against the abuse because theirs have less memory than an aubergine.

The news is no longer even if the price of electricity sets a historic figure, it is that it does not go down. And when it does go down a little, the successive rises eat up any possible joy and the hope that it will stop being a blatant robbery.

Nothing, small fringes of the progressive coalition that many excuse because the others would have done much worse. You know, the eternal tune with only two notes that has been repeated for decades.

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