Municipal service

Municipal service

TR cartoon: "Mayor outsourcing a municipal service"

Municipal service. Cartoon of 23/07/2022 in CTXT

"In Madrid, Almeida does not feel responsible for the death of the street sweeper who was working in temperatures of over 40ºC. The mayor considers that if an institution subcontracts a service, it can disregard those who work in it. That is the essence of a murderous model".

This is how the CTXT editorial of 20 July opens with the following title Neoliberal assassinations S.A.

The mayor's reaction is unacceptable. No matter how much one might try to justify his words, there is no perfume that can disguise the stench of what it says.

"It must be remembered that he is not a municipal worker, he is a worker of companies contracted by the City Council".

Almeida is a bad person, a dangerous sociopath, as are deep down all those who conceive of a country as a company and see its citizens as cheap, expendable meat that serves no purpose other than to increase profits

This is the neoliberal-style freedom proclaimed by the Madrid PP, that of contempt for fundamental rights.

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