Nik and plagiarism, it goes on and on

Nik and plagiarism, it goes on and on
On the left Nik's (2023) on the right Fyfe's (2015)

Nik is again singled out for plagiarising a cartoon. It doesn't matter when you read this.

It is very likely that before you finish reading this note, Nik has already taken over another idea from any author.

Although the Argentinian cartoonist and creator of Gaturro keeps insisting that he only has"three or four similar jokes" like "all cartoonists", the reasonable similarities keep piling up.

On 9 December, Javier Milei, the new, hysterical and histrionic president of Argentina, shared on Instagram this cartoon that Nik is said to have given him.

And so as not to break with tradition, an earlier cartoon with the same idea and approach immediately appeared.

In this case it was by the Australian Andrew Fyfe, published on 17 June 2015, just one day after the start of the presidential election campaign that Donald Trump would end up winning in 2016.

The jokes that used Trump's hairstyle as a resource to represent all kinds of objects numbered in the thousands, and there was no shortage of cases of suspicious resemblances, in many cases influenced by the quick meme and the easy joke or battle joke.

From left to right, Manny Francisco(20 January 2017), Mark Night(20 November 2017) and Dana Summers(2018).

And this was also a foregone conclusion with Milei's neo-modernism, to which many more caricatures are sure to be devoted during his tenure.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that, with Nik's history of plagiarism, it is already very difficult to believe that it was the umpteenth fluke.

To paraphrase Ian Fleming in his novel Goldfinger (1959), I take the liberty of expanding on the quote.

"Once is chance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action. More than a hundred is Nik.

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