Plugin Check, the new plugin checker

Plugin Check, the new plugin checker. Screenshot of the administration area.

The WordPress performance team and plugin review team have already started working on the collaborative development of a new plugin that will support the new rollback option added to WordPress 6.3 and allow a collection of tests to help improve plugin performance.

Plugin Check is a plugin under development to perform different checks on plugins, each check will look for a specific problem and generate an error or warning depending on the severity

Although it can now be installed on any WordPress site and its main function is to avoid any disruption to the site it is being used on, it is not recommended for use in a production environment.

Plugin Check, the new plugin checker 1

At the moment, the only way to install the plugin checker is to download it from this GitHub repository. Once a first beta version is available, it will be distributed in a separate ZIP file via the plugin repository .

The WordPress plugin tester was first proposed in the summer of 2022 and is now in an early MVP (Minimum Viable Product) phase.

For the end-user it allows to test any installed plugin using its interface in the plugin administration or a WP-CLI command.

It supports two types of tests:

1 - Static checks that analyse the code, either using PHPCodeSniffer sniffs or custom logic, for example using regular expressions.

2 - Runtime checks, which actually run certain parts of the code, such as running specific WordPress hooks with the plugin active.

Allows you to customise which checks are executed, either through a list of individual check identifiers or specific check categories.

The list of checks for various plugin development requirements and best practices continues to grow.

More info: Abstract_Check_Runner::register_checks() for a quick overview of currently available checks.


Source: WP Performance Team Update. 31 August 2023

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