Reading Again Mafalda, 2023


Argentinian docuseries of 4 chapters of 30 minutes in Spanish with subtitles in French and English. The film features Alberto Montt, Ricardo Siri,"Liniers", Maitena and others.

"The film, which studies the mythical character of Quino, competed this week at the Canneseries, the international festival of series in the south of France, where its first episode premiered on Monday 27 April.

Script by Julián Troksberg and directed by Lorena Muñoz and Fernando Semenzato. Photography: Guido Gabella, editing: Pablo Martin and Pablo Notarianni. Production: Disney+ Original Productions, Non Stop.

The miniseries includes the participation of cartoon historians, fans of the work and experts in the field to study in depth the impact of Mafalda.


A different look at Mafalda, immersing us in its history to reveal how a comic strip from the 1960s could become so culturally relevant and how and why it impacted the lives of everyone around the world.
With access to never-before-seen material and exclusive interviews, this docuseries will take a fresh new look at this classic created by Quino.

Note from the artistic direction

An iconic figure in the history of comics whose characteristics are part of the collective imagination, the real story of Mafalda is actually little known.

Based on exclusive archives, the series tells the story of the character from her origins in advertising to the present day through the testimonies of illustrators who have followed in Quino's footsteps. Despite its lightness, the series tells the story of the creative process, with the history of contemporary Argentina as a subtext.

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