Renewal of the Constitutional

Renewal of the Constitutional

Renewal of the Constitutional Court. Cartoon of 10/12/2022 in CTXT

The renovation of the Constitutional Court and other reforms were the talk of the week just gone, and although it still rages (and what's left of it), a new corruption case, this time in the European Parliament, has moved the issue a little.

The conservative members of the CGPJ, the PP, have called for an extraordinary plenary session to elect the judges of the TC in the face of the government's reform.

To be understood, they want to elect the 2 magistrates in the Constitutional Court before the reform that will lead to electing them by simple majority in case of delays. Now they are in a hurry after four years of hijacking, but only to reinstate two of "their own" and continue with business as usual.

A summary in the words of Joaquín Urías: "If judges of the TC and members of the CGPJ proposed by the Popular Party cling to their expired positions and refuse to be replaced, it is because a large sector of our judiciary supports this coup. They do not want the law to be applied, they want their own people to rule".

And here I leave one of the salvageable discards of the three four sketches I made before deciding on the one with the padlock

Renewal of the Constitutional

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