Sanjulian: el poder de la ilustración (2021)

San Julian: El poder de la ilustración (2021)

"Sanjulian, el poder de la ilustración" is a 78-minute documentary scripted and directed by David García Sariñena and produced by Monster World productions and Producciones Adictos that reviews the life and work of this illustrator, narrated by himself brilliant illustrator, narrated by himself.

Manuel Pérez Clemente (Barcelona, 24 June 1941) is one of Spain's most important illustrators and his work has been recognised internationally.

We all remember the historic cover of Star Wars Episode V, "The Empire Strikes Back" in which Han Solo embraces Leia and Luke appears mounted on a "tauntaun" under the gaze of Darth Vader in the background

The first sketch of this poster was commissioned by George Lucas to Manuel Sanjulian.

The Episode V poster next to the first sketch by Sanjulian

Ignacio, another great illustrator and poster artist, found at sanjulian's Instagram account the previous sketch (here in better quality ). to the final poster of Roger Kastel

Here you can see the author signing a copy.

The documentary can be seen at Filmin.

David García's blog dedicated to de Sanjulian.

In a post of this blog you can discover the origin of the documentary and see the an interesting interview made to the author on 8 March 2008.

This kind reader and artist put me on the trail of this and other documentaries about illustrators to review.

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