Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas

Save Christmas. Cartoon of 06/12/2020 on CTXT

Abel Caballero: ¨”christmas begins on this planet when Vigo turns on its lights”.

Mayor Vigo will go down in history as the fool of lights, the ember of light bulbs. Every year he has his traditional space in the media to spout off his light-bulb nonsense, which has become a classic of the festive season. The mayor announced the lights, and started to install them, back in the month in augustso this year he can count two days of work.

The competition of the Castro mayors to spend more money to put more and more coloured bulbs is pure political pornography, an obscene spectacle. The low-intensity populism to which we have become accustomed.

Saving Christmas

Cartoon of 23/11/2019

The redneck mayor of Vigo, knowing that these chous give good tontolares and that the networks will fatten them up, entered into a contest last year with the mayor of Madrid to show which of the two was more cutrón and even challenged the mayor of New York to prove that his congenital silliness would shine the brightest. A million euros were spent on lights in 2019, in 2018 it was 840,000.

This year, 682,685 euros (plus taxes, about 800,000 euros) have been spent on LED lights, almost entirely from the public coffers. The taxpayers, who can’t get enough of the excitement and pride, admire the mantle of sparkling lights that illuminate the shopping areas and applaud.

This year, with the pandemic, the mayor asked residents not to go out en masse to the streets to avoid contagion. He asked them to follow the inauguration of the lighting by streaming on the council’s website or on TV. He added:

“The mayor of New York is following us on streaming because I know he wants to see the lighting of the city lights”.

Anyway, whatever joke you can think of, the mayor is already making it before anyone else.

Saving Christmas

Saving Christmas

Short-termism will kill us, in fact it always has. Those who are now subscribing to the nonsense of the“save Christmas” slogan are only talking out of the mouths of those who do business with it. In reality they don’t give a damn about the illusion of children, the Christmas spirit or any other sentimental or religious bullshit. It is a matter of the economics of the few. In England, they don’t play around with subterfuges and they speak plainly, first those with the dough.

In the end, every call for a “Save the Seasonal LoQueSea” has ended up marking the end of one wave of deaths and contagions and the beginning of the next. So, I guess by 7 January we will officially inaugurate the lighting of the third wave.

Vignettes from previous years on the little lights.

Saving Christmas
Saving Christmas
Saving Christmas
Saving Christmas

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