The secrets of PP

The secrets of PP

“A media has caught us”.
“We will denounce you for revealing secrets to voices”.

The secrets of PP. Cartoon of 05/12/2021 in CTXT

The secretary general of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, and the president of the Region of Murcia (Spain), Fernando López Miras, denounced to infoLibre for the publication of this information in which it was told how the president of Murcia mediated in the surgical operation of a relative of García Egea bypassing the waiting list.

PP politicians accuse the journalists of an alleged offence of revealing secrets, which is punishable by a prison sentence of up to five years.

On Thursday 2 December, the director of infoLibre, Daniel Basteiro, and the investigative journalist Alicia Gutiérrez, declared in an investigating court as investigated.

Pablo Montesinos, deputy secretary of Communication of the Partido Popular, that who acted as a so-called journalist and gave Soraya the floor with his complacent questions in the press conferences after the councils of ministers of the Pepera era, limited himself to repeating that “the information is not true”.

However, the messages published by infoLibre and other information on the so-called “López Miras case” suggest that we could be looking at another classic case of collegiality and influence peddling that ends in favourable treatment as a result of compadreo.

In fact, the judge has opened preliminary proceedings for the complaint of “favourable treatment” to García Egea’s relative filed by Podemos and IU for bribery.

The secrets of the PP are all those things that the party does not want to be known, but not because they are state secrets or intimate and personal matters. They are those that confirm their more than well known corrupt ways that have made them famous for accumulating tons of corrupt practices.

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