The show begins

The show begins

It's showtime. Cartoon of 20/11/2022 in CTXT

Another World Cup has already started, which I don't intend to watch, in a place where rights are trampled underfoot because "it's their custom". If during the rest of the year I usually watch absolutely nothing of this so-called sport, which has long since been converted into a rag trade, there is even less reason to pay attention to their world cup

And you may be thinking, quite rightly, what the fuck do I care?

We have all normalised that in the face of gross, distant and chronic injustice, there is absolutely nothing we can do because we are a grain of sand in the desert. This is achieved by distorting and despising collective action and encouraging social disconnection to reduce us to isolated units, independent islands.

And since we are talking about minimums, any small personal action is a thousand times more respectable and effective than the equidistant movement, voluntary or not, consisting of doing absolutely nothing.

All those who allow themselves to be dragged along by this crude argument as a plea of intellectual indigence are no different from this guy from FIFA, who thinks that, as others are shitty, their shit is justified and smells less. There are few things left that money can't hijack.

By the way, these days, cartoonists from all over the world have drawn a hundred thousand cartoons coinciding on this issue

Skulls with a ball or skulls integrated into a ball, skulls in trophies or tombs and dead workers mixed with football scenes or icons have been drawn in almost all possible versions

It was inevitable that we would repeat ourselves. Although I usually leave the sketches done on Friday night to send the cartoons on Saturday and Sunday (in case something last minute appears), this week I didn't do too much revision (sometimes it's advisable not to do it) and my colleague @labocadellogo had already published this one one day earlier with the same approach.

The show begins

These things happen and will continue to happen.

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