News. Cartoon of 25/02/2024 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon: "Bad news, we are starting to cease to be news and become an ephemeris"

There is no news that can withstand the push of what they call "current affairs" and that is not "dying".

Wars were not going to be any less. The war in Ukraine has entered its third year, and there is no worse thing that can happen to an ongoing armed conflict than for it to become normalisedand chronic, to become part of the landscape like any of the other stupid news stories that occupy a large part of the news and which no longer even make us raise our heads.

It is inevitable to point out the contrast between the way more than half the world turned out to help Ukraine on all fronts and the terrible lukewarm, sometimes even non-existent, response to the systematic extermination of the Palestinian people and even support for the genocidal state of Israel. Shameful pages continue to be written which, I hope, future generations will read with sadness and anger.

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