Only for Survivors, the story of El Víbora


Only for Survivors, the story of El Víbora (2013)

Sólo para Supervivientes is a spanish documentary about the history of the adult comics magazine El Víbora, the longest-running magazine in the history of Spanish adult comics, after El Jueves.

After its premiere on 14 April 2013 at the Barcelona Comic Fair, it was shown at a number of festivals.

Created in 1979, El Víbora was the starting point for many now established artists such as Nazario, Mariscal, Max, Onliyou, Hernán Migoya, Mauro Entrialgo and Miguel Ángel Martín, among others, as well as the gateway to Spain for international authors such as CrumbShelton and Bagge.

Sólo para Supervivientes (2013)

Sólo para supervivientes tells the story of the birth, rise and decline of El Víbora through the experiences of its creators to discover how success and money changed the lives of comic strip artists. In addition to the aforementioned authors, unpublished testimonies by illustrator Guillem Cifré and the magazine’s editor Josep María Berenguer, who died recently, are also included.

The pages of El Víbora, full of sex, drugs, violence and a lot of black humour, portrayed the reality present on the streets during the Spanish Transition, especially in the city of Barcelona. Inspired by the American underground and Spanish genre comics, the magazine’s authors managed to bring adult comics to a mass audience for the first time, reaching print runs of some 80,000 copies. With this success, El Víbora became one of the most important magazines in the history of democratic Spain.

Directed by Guillermo A. Chaia and Javier R. Cortés, with Aritz Cirbián as producer. Albert Badia, Patrick Botticchio and Aarón Bonilla were the directors of photography, Oriol Campi was in charge of sound, Mario Cobo of music, Jorge Yúdice of VFX and Miguelón Martínez Franco of graphics.

“Only for Survivors” was the first film project of Primitive FilmsIt was very well received by fans and at festivals, including Filmets (Badalona), SomCinema (Lérida), Alcances (Cádiz) and FIC Puebla (Mexico).

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