The Atlas Borbón


The Atlas Borbón

The Atlas Borbón

Cartoon of 27/06/2021 in CTXT.

Delay a little in the payment of this month’s self-employed or your workers’ social security contributions. You’ll see how quickly the administration will be on the move to slice you a 10% surcharge for the first month and 20% for the rest.

In addition, the matter can escalate with interest for late payment if the claim enters the enforcement period, which could lead to the seizure of your assets if you don’t pay the debt. Or don’t pay the electricity, or the rent. Any of those things they call basic.

But there is a Spaniard, who lives in Abu Dhabi with a full pension paid by all the contributors in this holy land called Spain, who has spent his whole life moving and hiding money of unknown origin as he pleases and paying a little to the Treasury, with prior agreement, without this causing him any setbacks.

He enjoys tax regularisations à la carte, popularly known here as “apaños”, because he is an emeritus Borbón. He even has a group of businessmen who queue up to let him off the hook so that he does not have to touch a penny of his hidden millionaire savings.

On 15 June, the Swiss public prosecutor’s office found another caleta of the emeritus. This time they were ten million euros that the colleague had leveraged in an account in Andorra. The countryman does not stop putting pins on the map. There are so many scams and so many scattered around the world, that an updated atlas is already needed to get an idea of the magnitude of their scams.

Juan Carlos I polished himself 8 million euros on pleasure flights to the Caribbean, Persian Gulf. Canada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Vancouver, Bermuda, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi until May 2018.

Swiss prosecutors have found a pattern between his trips to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait and Bahrain, and the money that was paid over the years into accounts linked to the emeritus king in Switzerland, the mecca of the world’s tax havens.

There are still those who maintain that these trips were great for Spain because of the big business deals for national companies and so on, but Switzerland is now investigating the king emeritus for depositing money after his official trips to Arab countries.


We also read that the former king, hehe of State and Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, the same one who for decades was making pleas for righteousness, honesty, honour and other values, took out 100.000 euros per month in cash for four years from one of his opaque accounts. This money would have come from that “donation” from 100 million dollars from Saudi Arabia.

Any criminal who would distract even a millionth part of what this indecent scoundrel has hidden around the globe would see his photograph on the posters of investigative agencies all over the world, but here, the machinery they call “of the transition of ’78” has washed the evader’s conduct so clean, that with each new, bigger and bigger embezzlement that becomes known, the more everyday and indifferent it all becomes to us. It barely lasts as long as a headline on a front page, as long as there is no football or any other special menu of the Setting.


The Atlas Borbón

Cartoon of 23/08/2020

Juanca I has been treated in Spain for decades as an example of righteousness, he was the guarantor of the cohesion of the homeland.

Even today, fervent juancarlistas, now reconverted into stultifying felipistas, and other new breed of courtiers, do not stop plotting so that, come the day of the sacking, the national weeping will be staged for one of the greatest scoundrels who can only boast the honour of having faithfully replicated the tricks of his predecessors in the dynasty.

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