The killer’s jokers

The killer's jokers

The killer's jokers. Cartoon of 04/11/2023 in CTXT

Israel bombed a convoy of ambulances in front of the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

Any barbarity is an understatement because the next day more crimes are added to the list of Netanyahu's murderous state, with the approval of its western arms suppliers.

and what was the Israeli army going to say about this? Well, what we already know they would say, that they were terrorists.

They don't need to dehumanise them any more because they've been doing it for decades without anyone with the necessary power and force from this "civilised" side of the world calling them to account and intervening to stop it.

And, sadly, this shit is all too familiar.

The day will end up fattening the shame figures and the murderers will continue to exterminate the civilian population they force to "evacuate" nowhere from north to south to bomb them at both points and/or annihilate them along the way.

In less time than it takes to write this text, the State of Israel kills a child in Palestine, something it did before, but now at the rate of one every ten minutes.

The figures are terrifying, by the time you finish reading this text they will have increased and will continue to do so because what we call the international "community" does not intend to do anything really effective and forceful to stop the genocide against the Gazans, no matter how many millions of people all over the world are calling for it in the streets.

Here are the latest data in an infographic by Euro-Med (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor).

The killer’s jokers

Israel no quiere testigos

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