The vaccine

The vaccine

The vaccine. Cartoon of 22/11/2020 in CTXT

As an expert vaccinologist by the prestigious Myballstown University, I still don't understand so many spectacular announcements of the imminent arrival of the vaccine for COVID-19.

We go out to one announcement a month or so. As far as I remember, the triumphant arrival of the 2020 vaccine has been announced in September, October, November, December and 2021 in January (or from January) or during the first trimester or thereabouts from June. The thing is, there is still no approved vaccine and no one knows for sure when the vaccine will start to be produced and distributed to be shot out of the bag.

I can understand that these announcements are a way of trying to instil hope among people, who are already quite exhausted by so many pandemics, but I don't think it is good to subscribe so quickly to this festival of promises that can be extended without putting a minimum of natural scepticism natural to the government's bombastic announcements, which do not solve the problem of its nefarious communication policy.

What is supposed to be a supposedly race the supposedly healthy vaccine vaccine between countries should never be bad news, although it is surprising that there are those who are surprised by the savage speculative of sociopathic capitalism.

The vaccine

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