This is an advertisement, everybody down!

¡Esto es un anuncio, todo el mundo al suelo!

Translation cartoon:

"It's amazing, they're not scared anymore".

Cartoon of 18/12/2021 in CTXT

who needs honesty when you have a budget for advertising?

This is the maxim of this bunch of thieves, who have been spending large amounts of money for weeks on adverts like this one on social networks and in the traditional press to convince us that they are just another small business in the business fabric, like any other small neighbourhood shop

This is an advertisement, everybody down! 1
Screenshot of the lame ad.

This is perhaps one of their most hypocritical adverts. It stars a supposed customer and an Endesa employee

Beyond the pitiful staging, trying to make it look like a casual interview adorned with explanations with little drawings for five year olds, they move it with this question which is a song to the cheekiness.

can't you earn less and lower the price of electricity?

The only thing missing from the advert is a closing with the figures of how much the electricity managers earn, a couple of photos of their good-looking sports cars, a yacht and three or four of the powerful real estate properties they spend, all accompanied by a few canned laughs and a cut of the sleeves.

And now for some good news

But advertising can always be taken a little further to play with the legal limit. Thus, in La Sexta, although this can be seen in any other channel, they plant this rubbish (seen here) in which the presenter starts off with a glorious "and now some good news from... Iberdrola"

This practice of sneaking in publicity disguised as news is nothing new, it has been done since the press claims to be press and different tricks are used to make it look like information, some more subtle than others.

But the real news is that the IBEX 35 energy companies have quadrupled their profits. Iberdrola has achieved the highest profits in its history: 3,885 million euros, 8 and 12% more than in 2020 and 2019 Source.

Last week, PSOE, PP and VOX they knocked down the law of UNO Podemos (I don't know what they are waiting for to take notice of the "coalition") for the creation of a public energy company.

And the electricity continues to rise, now because of the Ukrainian move, but before it was because of inflation, the price of aubergines in the Macedonian stock exchange, the cold, the wind or because of your ears moving.

They have stolen, continue to steal and will continue to steal from people who can't understand why their electricity bills are rising to disgraceful levels when they use the same or even less electricity. Nor will there be any lack of idiots who will blame the user for overspending on a whim and beyond their means.

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