Traditions Israel

Traditions. Cartoon of 19/11/2023 in CTXT

Israel continues to do its own thing, civilians are falling victim to the bombardments, among them doctors, journalists, children, many children.

The only less bad news, depending on how you look at it, is that Israel and Hamas have agreed to exchange hostages for prisoners during a four-day truce. This brief respite may sound good at first glance, but if sufficient humanitarian aid does not reach the population during these four days, the scale of the catastrophe could be even more brutal.

In towns such as Khan Younis, thousands of people are sleeping in wet tents without fuel or food as they prepare for an unbearable winter in the midst of the Israeli assault.

Some Palestinians are 'lucky' that there is still something habitable, others, like the residents of the exclusive Gazan neighbourhood of al-Zahra, have been left with nothing but the rubble and dust of what used to be their homes.

All this is not new, it is now only "official" and tolerated by the international community (as before). Palestine has suffered since 1948 from apartheid, theft of land and crops, targeted and indiscriminate killings, bombings, demolition and theft of homes and many other obvious abuses.

Now, the demolition and extermination, passive and active, is already massive because the "narrative" has been tampered with and many media outlets remove the murderous record of the occupying state of Israel from the equation and continue to try to install a discourse that reduces everything to a response to a terrorist attack as if nothing has ever happened in the area before.

eSims for Gaza


Here is an initiative by Cartoonist Cooperative, a collective founded in 2022 by a group of artists who are coordinating donations of e-Sims with their international supporters to help Palestinians communicate.

Anyone who donates an e-Sim to someone in Palestine receives a piece by one of the Cartoonist Co-Op cartoonists in return.

The action is in support of the #ConnectingGaza campaign, which provides E-Sims to people on the ground in Gaza (, allowing them to bypass the internet outage during the siege and stay connected. This is vital, not only for civilians, but also for journalists and all those humanitarian professionals and organisations trying to work in the area.

Here is all the information.

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