United by nepotism

United by nepotism

United by nepotism. Cartoon of 23/06/2024 in CTXT

TR: "The porous hands of politicians or those of a brother or partner" (Javier Milei).

A few days ago, Díaz Ayuso pinned a medal on Milei in a trambolic act with the pretence of a national institutional thing to stage a party political act loaded with reactionary intentions.

Both played a role very much in the style of the new "politics" based on slutty populism with the intention of trying to sell the idea that Spain supports the anarcho-capitalist ideas that the wig calls libertarianism, and which Ayuso shares.

In his usual trashy little speech (you know, "taxes are theft", "fucking lefties"), etc, the wig left a glorious combo when he spoke of "the porous hands of politicians or those of a brother or partner" because it was the best description of this couple united by their sociopathic personality.

One of the first things he did when he first came to power was to legalise nepotism by modifying Macri's anti-nepotism decree so that his sister Karina could take up a position in his government as secretary general of the Presidency.

And what can we say about the trumpita. Isabel represents a family clan in which there is almost no one left to be seen. In approximate order of appearance are her brother Tomás, her former partner Jairo Alonso and her current one, Alberto González. Also his parents, Leonardo Díaz and Isabel Ayuso. There is not a single one of them who has not been involved in or pointed out for alleged and/or obvious commissions and various dealings with shell companies.

The latest addition to the organisation chart was Alejandra T.B., Ayuso's sister-in-law, who won a post in the Villanueva de la Cañada Town Hall. She was the only candidate, don't be fooled. The post was advertised in the summer of 2023, with just enough time to apply and the requirements, as luck would have it, suited Tomás Díaz Ayuso's partner like a glove.

For once I have to sheathe it and give it to Milei, paraphrasing him I will end with another "he who wants to understand, let him understand".

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