Urban transphobia

Urban transphobia
Translation of the cartoon:
“The inquisition travels inside. Don’t be fooled”.

Urban Transphobia. Cartoon of 01/03/2017 for CTXT

In this space I was going to write one more note about the intentionality, the context and the protagonists of this story, but I got bored of repeating the same thing.

Beyond the usual song about the media overexposure of provoked noise, the bus in question has sent us into a spiral of absurd absolutisms about freedom of expression.

The protagonists are old fogies, their extremism is more than documented. Their unhealthy obsession with snooping under people’s sheets and questioning any sexual behaviour that deviates from their doctrine leads them to use terms like “gay inquisition” and other such nonsense.

Ultra-Catholicactivism dressed up as supposedly good intentions as an excuse to sow, promote and amplify hatred is something they have been practising since their birth. These fundamentalists were born just for that. Their relationship with the church (and derivatives) is always halfway between the subliminal “yes” of the substance, and the“but no” of the forms.

I add the link to this document and I recommend reading it, it is interesting.

On 19 May 2014, a judgement considered proven the relationship between HazteOir and the Yunque, a sect of lunatics, of Mexican origin, with the aim of infiltrating its members into the upper echelons of political power. The president of HazteOir complied with the sentence after having taken Professor Fernando López Luengos, the author of the report, to court for insulting the honour.


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