Variant Delta


Variant Delta

Variant Delta. Cartoon of 26/06/2021 in CTXT

During the first days of the end of the compulsory wearing of masks outdoors, many people are still wearing them. This can be interpreted in several ways, the inertia of the routine or distrust for what might happen.

Also, in cities, where you know that you are going to come across a lot of people within a metre and a half at any given moment, it is normal, and advisable, to wear one.

Nor should we rule out the possibility that the media's insistence on repeating news stories about a minority of irresponsible nutcases who have been infected at parties and on trips, provoked by the virus, may be one of the reasons that the virus is so prevalent macrobreakThe media's insistence on repeating the news about a minority of irresponsible nutcases who have been infected at parties and on trips, causing an increase in the number of people wearing masks in cities. But that's the way it works, a nasty outbreak can set us back many steps in a moment.

That we have no middle ground and no memory is something that goes without saying. There are those who believe that taking the minimum precautions in view of the Delta variant is being catastrophic or that it is done to "put fear", but the truth is that, after the eventit would be very sad to be caught up in another big wave, even if it were, they say, much bigger than any of the previous ones lesser impact than any of the previous ones.

Cases of the coronavirus have once again risen from ten communities, so the images of the kids throwing their masks in the air may give the impression that this is over, but we know that it is not.

The WHO has noted that the Delta strain "is faster" and can take advantage of "increased socialisation".

One can be cautiously optimistic while remaining cautious now that vaccinating people is going at a very good pace. The pandemic shit , in addition to having killed more than eighty thousand people and left many others with sequelae, has given us an exhaustion that we already know will take a long time to disappear and is already having serious consequences on our mental health.

To close, the super tip of the day: don't pay any attention to the shit that is published every day.

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