Seventh wave. Cartoon of 26/02/2022 in CTXT

The war that has been raging since 2014, which for some began in the early hours of Wednesday 24 February with the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, has turned everything upside down. Any news of the previous day has come to seem two centuries old, even irrelevant and forgettable.

So much happens so fast that there is no time to digest and process anything. As in all outbursts of hullabaloo, many media outlets made a pitiful entrance

On TV, especially on Antena 3 and Telecinco, they got fed up with broadcasting old videos of events in other countries, even animations of games like Arma III to illustrate their pieces or in their connections with their supposed experts, specialised in giving their opinions on everything and anything.

In the middle of the age of the acclaimed digital “democratisation” of globalised information, the media that should be telling us what is going on, and helping us to understand it, apply themselves to producing hundreds of little pills and micro-stories every day, recorded with a mobile phone, with no more depth than the anecdotal click-collector. Thus, by scrolling at high speed, we believe we are “informed” like Johnny 5


Cartoon of 27/02/2022 in CTXT

Twitter has become unbreathable. Although it is already so by nature, it can always be worse. There you can find people claiming that Putin is both a communist and a Nazi, or that NATO has invaded Siberia. There are even war deniers.

The first preventive measure was to leave Tuiter parked because it is a land of absolutes and a minefield for presenting oneself with a pacifist/anti-war discourse, which has even come to seem to many to be a childish and persecutory position.

And be very careful because no one is free from being accused of belonging to that immense and ambiguous third side, no less dangerous. That of equidistance.

Cartoon of 10/09/2017

From the very 24th at night I started to take notes with the idea of writing anything, but I soon realised that I was just writing a crude piece of writing press clipping with a little bit of cherry picking. You know what I mean?

Besides, who the fuck would care when everyone was already splashing about in an infinite ocean of opinions.

A whole bunch of nice, grandiloquent phrases have been written about wars that I could now paste here. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t recognise that they are the sum of our miseries, the super-concentrated elixir of the worst of all shit, even those who justify them admit it.


Warmongers, cartoon of 22/01/2022

Those who enthusiastically applaud wars are beings with dead souls or who never had one, if such a thing exists.

We already know that humour, in all its forms, in times of war is nothing more than another bulletproof vest for the brain and the heart, there is my trench waiting for better times.

Cartoon of 05/01/2020

Now, the news I am most interested in is what might come out of this meeting in Belarus.

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