WordPress turns 19

WordPress turns 19
A few cups of the WordCamp Irun i drew for the friends of Lucushost.

On May 27th WordPress turned 19 years old and we are already legion those who have been using it since its birth, or almost

According to some estimatesby mid-2021, 42.9% of the top 10 million websites were using it.

WordPress appeared in 2003 when Mike Little y Matt Mullenweg created a fork of the defunct b2/cafelog CMS that French PHP programmer Michel Valdrighi built in 2001 based on the b2/cafelog service Pyra Labs' Blogger.

WordPress turns 19 0

In these almost two decades, a lot has changed on the web and WP has evolved with it, albeit at its own pace. Blocks, which came with Gutenbergthe native WordPress editor, were the trigger for major changes. Now a war is being waged that I believe can only have one winner, if they do things right, of course.

Builders VS Full Site Editing (FSE)

Sooner or later, the FSE (full site editing as a native WordPress option) will come face to face against the various builders, with Elementor at the forefront, who saw the market taking advantage of the slow but sure speed of WordPress evolution. The creators of the most popular paid templates will also have to embrace the ESF if they want to keep all their customers.

Gradually, many common (and not so common) users are realising how the "hijack"WordPress builders and their long-term consequences and are turning back to native tools or tools that integrate better with the WordPress core without taking over too much of the site

Obviously, this is all just speculation. Almost anything can happen because in this equation there are not only two expressions.

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