Cartoon removed from Diana Raznovich exhibition after judge’s complaints

Cartoon removed from Diana Raznovich exhibition after judge's complaints

Translation of the cartoon:
“How can I believe that your husband mistreats you if you are alive!”

The judges have managed to remove this cartoon from an exhibition without a court order or anything else. And why? Because they can, because that’s what they are judges for, and judges are no jokes.

They didn’t even have to ask for it to be removed and for the author to be fired from any job she might have, as is the tradition in this country. Their complaints were enough for the image to be removed from the exhibition.

Cartoon removed from Diana Raznovich exhibition after judge's complaints

On 14 March, the Balearic Women’s Institute (IBDona) inaugurated two exhibitions the exhibition, which was installed in Palma’s Intermodal Station, has been running for three years.

The exhibitions are part of the activities organised by the Balearic Women’s Institute to commemorate the 8th of March, International Women’s Day

“Petits gests amb importància” (Small gestures with importance) is the title of one of these exhibitions on micromachismos where the image, now removed, was shown.

As recalled here the exhibition in question has been running for three years and had been exhibited without problems, for example, at the headquarters of the Spanish government delegation in Valencia.

Cartoon removed from Diana Raznovich exhibition after judge's complaints

One of the cartoons of the exhibition at Palma station / Photo Diana Raznovich


Four judges’ organisations, the Asociación Profesional de la Magistratura, the Asociación Judicial Francisco de Vitoria, the Foro Judicial Independiente and Juezas y Jueces para la Democracia issued a statement joint rejection of one of the cartoons.

In their note, among other things, they describe the image as “false, outdated and stereotypical of the Spanish judiciary. In addition to discouraging the victims of this violence to denounce their mistreatment, without offering them any alternative”.

The Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop rejected also criticised the cartoon and considered it “unfair”, missing another valuable opportunity to take the side of freedom of expression.

“My energetic rejection of an unfair image of male and female judges who fight against male violence on a daily basis, shown in the exhibition ‘Petits gests amb importància’, at the Inter Modal de Palma, in the Balearic Islands”.


Now, the author asks for the restitution of the cartoon and denounces its removal as an act of censorship. In addition, she clarifies that it was made to criticise certain events and that it is not talking about justice or institutions, but about specific cases, and that is why she drew only one judge and not many.

“I drew this cartoon after judge Ricardo González spoke of an atmosphere of revelry and rejoicing in the case of La Manada. The statements were harmful to the victim, who was abandoned and thrown away. There was also another who considered that there was no crime in having put detectives to follow the same victim and closed the case”.(Source)

Personally, if I had to complain about anything in this cartoon, it’s that the word Judge was written on a judge and that the judge points his finger at the word judge. :P

Joking aside, everyone can call this whatever they prefer, but I propose that you tell me what to officially call the act of removing a piece of an exhibition of jokes, which are still the opinion of the person who draws them.

About the author

Diana Raznovich is a playwright, writer and cartoonist born in Buenos Aires in 1945, who lives in Spain, where she went into exile in 1976, fleeing the Argentine military dictatorship.

Raznovich studied literature at the University of Buenos Aires and her plays have been performed in Europe and America. He participated in the documentary “País cerrado”, teatro abierto, released in 1990. He has conducted workshops for writers in Spain. His most famous works includeJardín de Otoño, Casa Matriz, De atrás para adelante, El Desconcierto, Mater erótica, Para que se cumplan todos tus deseos, Paradise y otros monólogos, Tiempo de amar y otros poemas… In addition to the following books of graphic humour: Sopa de Lunares, Mujeres Pluscuamperfectas, Divinas y Chamuscadas and Cables Pelados (Soup of Polka Dots, Pluscuamperfect Women, Divinas y Chamuscadas and Cables Pelados ) (Source)

Website of the author – Raznovich in Instagram.

Cartoon removed from Diana Raznovich exhibition after judge's complaintsHumour in trouble, a collection of cases (III)
Cases of cartoonists who have had problems of some importance because of their cartoons or satirical illustrations. There are also some stories of other people who, without being cartoonists, have got into trouble for sharing them.

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