Changes in the CNI

Changes in the CNI

Changes in the CNI. Cartoon of 14/05/2022 in CTXT

On Tuesday 10 May, the government dismissed Paz Esteban as director of the CNI in the wake of the move of the pegasus case

She has been replaced by Esperanza Casteleiroshe was replaced by the Secretary of State for Defence, who has already worked for the CNI and is also a person of confidence of Margarita Robles.

“It’s not a dismissal, it’s a replacement”

They take us for assholes without blushing and without blushing

Robles remains entrenched and repeats the slogan set by the party that nothing has happened here. This is how she wants us to believe that giving a little kick to the director of the CNI just now is just a coincidence!

“We are replacing one official at the centre with another. It is not a dismissal, it is a replacement”

Changes in the CNI

The PSOE, when it scrapes government, is incapable of self-criticism, let alone admitting a mistake, however small it may be. Confessing and facing up to some fat shrimp is no longer even contemplated.

In the Pegasus espionage affair it has been like this from the first second and they have continued to systematically deny everything without exception.

Felipe J. Sicilia, Member of Parliament and President of the Justice Commission in the Congress also sold the lie that there is nothing at all and said:

“As of today there is not a single piece of information, there is not a single reason for the director of the CNI not to be in her post.”

And he repeated the song, arguing that if the director was still in her post it was because everything was fine.

“As of today there is no information, not a single piece of news that could call into question the work that the director of the CNI has been doing, therefore, as I say, obviously, if she is still in her post it is because there is confidence in the work she is doing“.

By the same token, now that she has been sacked, we might think that everything is a lot less fine than it was said to be, however much they want to change the verb dismiss to replace in a more than obvious and blatant act of joking.

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