Cartoon of 05/09/2021 in CTXT.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court points to indications of four crimes against the king emeritus and maintains that Juan Carlos I was international commissioner

The Supreme Court’s deputy prosecutor sees “indications” that the King’s fortune of the King Emeritus comes from “his intermediation in international business”.

The SER says which has confirmed the information published by El Mundo from sources in the Prosecutor’s Office, the Supreme Court has sent at least three rogatory commissions to Switzerland for them to send all the information they have on the Zagatka Foundation, owned by Álvaro de Orleans, which paid large amounts of money for the personal expenses of the King Emeritus

Now, the lawyers of the millionaire bourbon, a self-confessed tax evader (two times, two) and expatriate by the work of a paripé to a villa in the Nurai IslandThe lawyers accuse the prosecutor’s office of violating his “presumption of innocence”.

There is no person in Spain who has had more privileges, gifts, favours, impunity and so much free reign to be able to prosper and leverage good piles of money without having to explain where it came from than the emeritus.

For too many years, the king has had no one to challenge him, all the governments have applied themselves to the task of laundering itand laundering him, and we are paying for it now.

But what’s more, he has never lacked for a cohort of journalists and other industrialists who have financed his lifestyle as a full-time party animal and latin lover. You know, those old hindrances of the elites‘ courtly behaviour.

Now, paradoxically, just when he has become an ordinary investigated person, he has doubts about justice. He no longer repeats that it is the same for everyone, as he used to say in 2011 without his face falling in shame or letting out a hearty chuckle.

Imagine for a moment a President of the Government with the record of cheating that this guy has, he would not enjoy a day’s peace, not a single day without headlines and the people would soon take to the streets to demand his prosecution. Well, maybe I got too excited with this, we know how hard it is for us to start a demonstration.

The thing is that if you are a Bourbon you not only save all that. On top of that you can take a retirement on an island of your choice with all the luxuries paid for by the same people who should sit you in the dock to find out how you have amassed those indecent piles of cash that you wouldn’t have time to spend in seven lifetimes.

And wait until the day comes for the emeritbut wait until the day of the death of the emeritus, because the plan to elevate him to saint, hero and martyr has been decades in the making.

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