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Commissioners. Cartoon of 10/04/2022 in CTXT

Alberto Luceño, was the mug who was in charge of the scam of selling masks and other items to the Madrid City Council for which they pocketed almost six million euros in commissions in three contracts for sanitary material.

The funniest thing about all this is that he presented himself as an "expert in importing products from the Asian market", all macabre stuff, of course, and assured that his wish was to "collaborate in the fight against the pandemic". (1)

And you know what Luceño and his colleague, Luis Medina, did: inflate the prices to get the most money the better. According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, "a high percentage of the price offered" for the products "corresponded to commissions that the defendants were going to receive". To be precise, 60% in the case of the masks, 81% in the case of the gloves, and almost 71% in the case of the tests. In fact, the price of the masks was "artificially" inflated to 148% above the real price of the product

All this was invoiced through a company of which Luceño is the sole administrator.

Thus, Luceño he put himself in the sack five million euros with which he bought three Rolexes, eight very expensive cars, in which he left more than one million euros, and a property in Pozuelo de Alarcón, which also exceeds one million euros, with enough space to park the cars. Another chunk of the bite was melted down at parties to celebrate.

Luis Medina, son of Nati Abascal and the Duke of Feria, got his hands on a kilo of banknotes. He spent 325,000 euros on a yacht model Eagle 44 named "Feria" in honour of his father's element and invested another 400,000 in two bank bonds. Shortly after learning that he was charged with fraud and money laundering, he took a Juanca and fled Spain 25 April has to testify.

For even more laughs, when his accounts were seized, it turned out that his balance was less than 250 euros (2)

A lot is being said and written about these two posh thugs and not enough about those who should have been aware of the scam and who now say that they didn't notice because, of course, it"was a jungle" (3). Nobody noticed that the figures of the contract with the "pijos" were much higher than those of the purchases that other town councils were making.

It was the banks where the bribes were paid that denounced and alerted the Public Prosecutor's Office. The investigation began in November 2020. (4).

How much more is known, more smells like shit. Almeida has gone from denying the major and disavowing when he said he had never spoken to the people in question to saying that he had, but only to thank them a "donation

And amidst all the noise we have forgotten about Carlosthe cousin of Almeida, who just happened to be passing by because of one of those carambolas casual of life and so on. Things that happen.

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