Cultural battle

Cultural battle

Cultural battle. Cartoon of 11/12/2022 in CTXT

Translation of the cartoon:

Poster: “No to Sánchez’s coup d’état” – “Those in the cultural battle ran out of budget for intellectual weaponry”.

If you don’t live in Spain, don’t know anything about this country, and come across things like this in Tonter’s micro-world, you might well think that we’re shooting at each other here, that the military have risen up against the government and overthrown it, or something like that.

This is at least what the lone guy on the cardboard outside the gates of Congress says, and these are the broad outlines of what they call the “cultural battle”, that which some media insist on assuring us that “the right” is winning.

To ensure that the defeat of the left in this cultural battle is evident, they rely on four shouting opinionists on Youtube or Twitch and a herd of more or less anonymous, uneducated typists on Twitter.

Although there are also some political faces, more like jetas, such as the leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, who accuses the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, of being an “apprentice dictator” and of giving a “self-coup” to Spanish democracy.

A simple search can transport you to an imaginary and absurd world in which you can end up lost in a sea of ridiculous exaggerations and in supposed debates that arise from them. All this shit is neither political, nor is it a battle, much less a cultural one, unless we understand as “cultural” (because it is endemic) this shabby reedition of tension

While others are fighting real battles, in the henhouses of noise, the right-wingers who once called themselves centrists let themselves be carried away by the voxeros and their ultra-peripheral faunas.

All these, who continue to maintain that a bunch of bastards, with a murderer at their head, had the country under the sole of a dictatorship for 40 years was a period of “peace”, are the ones who now shout that a coup d’état is taking place here. It would be funny if it weren’t for the fact that this cantinflada is already starting to be echoed in certain media and some are even calling for the European Union to intervene.

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